Peace of Mind in The Workplace

Mark Needham

H&S Advisor




  • Your company will be able to demonstrate it has done everything that is reasonably practicable under the law to ensure its business operations will not harm people.
  • In the event of an adverse incident, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is likely to respond more constructively towards those companies which can prove they have taken all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure a safe working environment. This reduces the chances, therefore, of the HSE bringing a prosecution against you.
  • Regular assessment of safety, health and environmental risks help to reduce or avoid accidents and ill-health, thereby diminishing the risk of insurance claims, compensation awards, and expensive legal costs made against you. Moreover, the risk of the Company's senior personnel receiving personal prosecutions because of negligence is significantly reduced.
  • Your company, as a responsible employer, can help protect against tougher Government legislation towards corporate manslaughter.
  • Risk assessments actively encourage sound relations between management and its employees, who work effectively together in a safer environment. With employees working more effectively, your business is given the opportunity for increasing productivity and profit levels.

What will happen if my Company does not complete Risk Assessments?

Your company may be in breach of Health & Safety Law, and therefore at risk of being prosecuted for a criminal offence. If proceedings made against you are successful, the penalties include fines or imprisonment or both, as well as possible negligence claims.

Remember, ALL employers are legally accountable for the completion of risk assessments.

The Benefits of Risk Assessment


Let MNBS help you deal with your concerns. Simply contact MARK to arrange a free, no-obligation, consultation in the strictest confidence to discuss ALL your health and safety requirements.



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