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The Environment


Climate change affects us all. That is why a growing number of organisations are tackling environmental issues more seriously than ever before, irrespective of changes in legislation. These forward-thinking companies know that by adopting a proactive approach to reducing their carbon footprint their business activities will not only be carried out to the benevolence of the environment, but their bottom-line results can also be positively impacted upon. Recent studies have found that the majority of consumers in the UK consider a company's ethics an important consideration when they are purchasing a product or service.

Moreover, some of the advantages of improved environmental performance also include:

  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of your business
  • Improved standing and reputation among suppliers and partners
  • Increased marketing opportunities
  • Cost cutting on fuel and energy bills
  • Improvements with quality of work
  • Improved work disciplines
  • Reduced risk of prosecution and expensive legal costs
  • Increase in potential employees (who only want to work for ethical organisations)

Nonetheless, to achieve this enviable position, your workplace culture has first to change. No easy task. For that involves changing, also, the working habits of ALL employees. Success, or failure, will depend on how well you design and implement a robust system of procedures. However, help is at hand.

Let MNBS help improve your organisation's environmental efficiency and quality. Our services include:

  • Carrying out an Environmental Baseline Assessment
  • Implementing an agreed written Environmental Policy
  • Developing an Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Implementing an environmental awareness induction programme for new starters
  • Carrying out awareness training
  • Helping the organisation towards attaining BS8555 / ISO 14001
  • Reviewing any current EMS
  • Tracking performance against objectives

Simply contact Mark to arrange a free, no-obligation, consultation in the strictest confidence to discuss your environmental management requirements.


Let MNBS help you deal with your concerns. Simply contact MARK to arrange a free, no-obligation, consultation in the strictest confidence to discuss ALL your health and safety requirements.



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