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"Many businesses are lacking the knowledge, and the resources to obtain that knowledge, in current health and safety legislation. What makes matters worse is that Government regulations change frequently, whereby company bosses become further lost and confused by the complexities of what is legally required of them. Put simply, many employers don't know who to turn to for help."
- Mark Needham, of MNBS, speaking to Leicestershire Chamber of Commerce members (Leicester College)

High riseAs your appointed competent person, MNBS will be dedicated to helping your Company demonstrate it is taking all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure employees, visitors, and members of the general public, are not harmed by its business activities or omissions.

Whether you need pro-active visits in support of your health and safety management system; help with completing a competence assessment application form; guidance on implementing control measures as required by law, your insurers or Health and Safety Executive (HSE); or simply requiring advice on an issue, MNBS offers a wide range of bespoke services tailored to your individual business requirements NO MATTER HOW LARGE OR SMALL THE COMPANY, including (among the many others):

Risk assessment of safety hazards and systems of work throughout the business premises, identifying current preventive/protective measures and providing guidance as well as proactive help with any further control measures required for the company to attain legal compliance. Areas may include fire safety (visual inspection), manual handling, key work processes (e.g. use of dangerous machinery), working with hazardous substances, workplace noise, work at height, vehicle movement, correct use and storage of personal protective equipment (PPE), lone working, working in confined spaces, use of display screen equipment (office staff), welfare provision etc.

Help you ACHIEVE industry accreditation (SSIP Forum membership such as CHAS, Exor, safecontractor, SMAS etc.) as required by existing and prospective clients. Assessment by a member of SSIP is specifically highlighted as a key route to health and safety pre-qualification in the Government-backed construction pre-qualification document PAS 91.

Provision (and on-site completion when required) of construction site/project related documentation such as:

✔ Traffic Management Plan ✔ Site Safety Management Plan ✔ On-site inspection
✔ Permits to Work ✔ Site Rules ✔ Site induction etc.

Method Statements are predominately used in the construction industry as part of a workplace safety plan. Many principal contractors will not allow work to begin on a project until they are satisfied a safe system of work has been established before and during the work process. To this extent, MNBS will compile a method statement on your behalf relevant to each job undertaken, listing step by step details of how your work-related tasks are completed, outlining the hazards likely to be encountered, and listing specific instructions to ensure each task or process is undertaken safely.

Toolbox Talks - short 30-40 minute thematic discussions with your employees, covering such issues as manual handling; fire safety awareness; correct use and storage of PPE; avoiding slips and tripping; asbestos awareness; safe handling, use and storage of hazardous substances; health and safety duty of care; working with pneumatic hand tools; avoiding workplace vibration hazards; inspecting fall arrest equipment etc. All fully recorded and signed as evidence of attainment.

Review of your written Health and Safety Policy to examine whether it reflects the company's current priorities, plans and objectives (addressing any weaknesses identified and help with monitoring implementation of any changes made).
or if needed
Construction of a written agreed Health and Safety Policy and relevant sub-policies applying to the safety and well-being of company employees and visitors. Tailored to meet the company's safety, health and environmental (SHE) procedural requirements, this is a comprehensive Policy - NOT just a policy Statement - which includes full details of your SHE procedures as well as health and safety objectives of the company written into it, against which annual H&S performance standards can be monitored and compared.

Risk assessmentBaseline Audit - This is a comprehensive audit designed to identify any deficiencies in a company's health and safety practices and procedures (gap analysis), and which provides subsequent recommendations and guidance to help the company attain legal compliance (proven to help organisations requiring professional opinion on their current position, or which are in the process of appointing a dedicated H&S team and require direction and guidance i.e. know where you're at with your health and safety.

Training and refresher instruction, tailored as required. As an instructor qualified to teach in the workplace as well as at further education level, Mark Needham provides training to cover most health and safety disciplines or requirements. This may be for a procedure requiring regular refresher training to help keep the company within the law (e.g. emergency evacuation procedure); a change in a work process (e.g. an employee transferring to another work area where the equipment is different); health and safety induction for new starters; or due to a deficiency identified in the company's health and safety training practises etc.

Establishing emergency response procedures and disaster recovery plan, as well as complete incident/near-miss investigations.

Help with developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) using the implementation process outlined in the British Standard BS 8555. This can also prepare the organisation for accredited certification to ISO 14001 or registration to the EU's Eco-Management and Audit Scheme.

Publication of an in-house quarterly health and safety newsletter featuring contemporary health and safety news in accordance with your company's opinions and policy, and which will provide advance notification of any significant changes in health and safety legislation.

Being a proactive service provider, MNBS promises to ALWAYS VISIT you, not just to rely on the telephone or email to convey instructions. To reiterate, MNBS will help with your project management, undertake risk assessment, ensure appropriate safe systems of work are in place, provide legal guidance, create robust health and safety policy, and develop a positive safety culture - all without adversely affecting your production or business activity. To this extent, your company will expect to benefit from:

  • Improved safety of employees and Company assets;
  • Reduced sick absence and downtime;
  • Improved standing and reputation among suppliers and partners;
  • Reduced risk of insurance claims, compensation awards, and expensive legal costs.



Let MNBS help you deal with your concerns. Simply contact MARK to arrange a free, no-obligation, consultation in the strictest confidence to discuss ALL your health and safety requirements.



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